Uniquely You

Create congruency for your mind and body so you can live the

empowered version of yourself

An Experience All About You

The Experience

  • Receive a Personalised Program for your Genetics and Lifestyle
  • Understand and Align Your Body and Mind
  • Embrace and Love Your Unique Identity
  • Tools to Transform Stress to Calm
  • Increase Energy, Improve Mood, Sleep Better, Bolster Immune System and more
  • 1/2 day Workshop with Angela Lee Jenkins

Revolutionary AI driven Lifestyle Platform

Integrate artificial intelligence while reconnecting with your intelligence within. Personalised Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social & Environmental Health Intelligence. Program incudes Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle and access to shae App.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Embrace and love the whole of you. Understand your biological tendencies which influence behaviour to show up as the best version of yourself. Pinpoint specific mind and body needs and set up a supportive aligned environment.

Transform Stress to Calm

Understand what supports your body and mind to manage stress. Learn simple and easy to apply breathwork and hands on techniques to calm the nervous system, transform stress and recharge the batteries in any circumstance.

The Workshop

Today is time for you. A chance to reset, renew and refocus on what's important. Surround yourself with likeminded people while aligning yourself to the best version of you. The group workshop is interactive and you will leave with a roadmap forward.

Congruency of your whole being Starts Now...

You don't need to wait until the workshop to get your personalised profile and program. Get access to the platform and app today and jump in. Start aligning your body and mind now.

Let me introduce myself

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 23 years in exercise physiology and holistic health, I have been fortunate to coach some of the world’s most successful people. I’ve developed an international team of health coaches, run corporate wellbeing programs, founded an exercise physiology centre, spoken internationally and mentored award-winning trainers, CEOs and professionals.


In 2015, my life changed forever when my son Will was born and also passed away at 104 days old. I was blessed a year later with my daughter Liv. My journey led me to go deeper within myself as a human being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while also studying and collaborating with experts from around the world.

My mission is the mission of my children Will and Liv. We all have a Will inside of us right now to Liv a life with more fulfillment, energy, happiness and wellbeing. Life is too short not too....

For more www.angelaleejenkins.com

Let me introduce the technology

Investment in You

What you will get ?

A 45min self-assessment will be completed before the day. Personalised profile and access to the personalised platform - personalised food lists, recipes, meal plans, exercise programs, lifestyle, mindset and more...

Plus 1/2 day interactive group workshop with Angela where we will work through the profile and how to apply to your life. You will also experience breathing and hands on techniques to support transformation.

Workshop Details

Wear something comfortable, bring a notepad and pen, water bottle and an open mind.

The profile needs to be completed before the workshop. You will receive an email re how to complete once sign up.